My first dreamweaver project. (December 2011).  Inspired by the streets and the wires of Beirut

Interview w/ Aziza Douaidy, a woman who’s lived a century. We’ve depicted a hundred years through a hundred photographs. 

Workshop w/ Paolo Tassinari.

Project work w/ Talia Douaidy

iPhone app we created last year (w/ my pal Talia Douaidy). Shake or Slide to swipe visuals.

We merged two different cultures by cutting out graffitis taken from the streets of two different cities, Berlin and Beirut.

Special thanks to Martina Hoefflin and Tilman Reiff, and all the street artists out there. Too bad we lost that iPhone

Vintage Pasta Packaging - Pasta made for movie night

Inspired by 50/60’s Italian, French and Egyptian Cinema

Package Yourself

Child of Lebanon NGO//Redesigning the website

Wim Crouwel Booklet

"E" bookshelf - Letter taken from the maze typeface

European Capital of Culture Project - Sevilla/Spain

Corporate Identity : logo - design manual - letterhead

HIV conference poster

Experimental Typeface - Inspired by the top view of a labyrinth

Arabic + Latin + Specimen